Please provide a summary of the bug you encountered here.

Expected behavior

What you expected to happen

Actual behavior

What happened instead

Steps to reproduce

Try to reproduce the issue. Please describe every step you took to reproduce the issue. Make sure to run Monkeysign with --debug when you reproduce and paste the output below.
  1. step 1: collect underpants
  2. step 2: ???
  3. step 3: profit!

Suggested fixes

If you have ideas about how to fix this, feel free to provide it here or remove this section.

Testsuite output

Please paste the output of monkeysign --test here:
$ monkeysign --test

Environment details

Run monkeysign --version.If you are running 2.1.0, just paste the output here. If the monkeysign version is ??, maybe you need to install python-setuptools-scm.

Otherwise, paste the version number, but also:

  • lsb_release -b: operating system name, version and codename (e.g. Debian GNU/Linux 8.4 (jessie))
  • uname -a: kernel version, architecture and build dates (e.g. Linux marcos 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-1 (2016-03-06) x86_64 GNU/Linux)
  • python --version
  • gpg --version

If you are using the graphical interface, try to also include the versions of the following libraries:

  • GTK
  • PyGTK
  • ZBar
  • QRencode
  • PIL

Also explain how was Monkeysign installed (Debian package, PIP, from git, etc).

Debugging output

When you reproduced the issue, you used the --debug flag, paste the output here:
$ monkeysign --debug ...
Watch out, personnal information like key fingerprints or key material may show up in the output. Review the output before copying it here.